Skrynya means “the trunk” in English.
The truck that only yesterday contained the symbolic objects of Ukrainian ancestral culture.

This book is a case full of treasures. The authors have travelled all over the country looking for the essential objects of the traditional Ukrainian house.

Utilitarian and meaningful, of raw and archaic beauty, refined and poetic, imbued with popular spirituality: they are almost magical objects gifted with a mysterious force.

This beautiful book with a cardboard cover, embossed and gilded, which pages are printed on paper, transparent and semi-transparent bases, with openwork pages is at the crossroads of an artist’s book and an ethnological book.

A UFO in the Maïno galaxy, we wanted to distribute this book and testimony in Europe, allowing the connoisseur to discover the unknown yet abundant Ukrainian artisanal and folklore tradition.

Edited, distributed and translated by Maïno, 2018

L 213 W 277 H 19 mm