The W60 chest of drawers is one of the significant creations by Yuri Ryntovt. Minimal, with clean lines, it resembles a majestic wooden beam with a discreet base. Beyond its visible simplicity, it is also a manifestation of the philosophy and technical know-how of its designer. Made entirely of walnut wood, which was thoughtfully chosen for its color and texture, it is set with a sliced branch. Every detail has been carefully thought through. The clever composition of all the elements: the grain, the construction, the drawers made of solid walnut, the fastening details inside and out, as well as the beveled cut of the wood at the junction of the drawers and on the top all come together to form a purer volume. Once again, the designer illustrates his attachment to nature and his respect for all life in this work. It is a major piece of furniture that is timeless, tactile and highly visual.

Natural walnut, base in coated steel

Manufacturing period: 10-11 weeks