Those were the nuts, her favorite dainty, that inspired designer Yulia Kononenko to create a family of “NUT” lamps. The collection includes 3 types of lamps that differ in diameter and configuration. All of those are ceiling lamps; they share one style, with similar elements, and easily can be combined. The shape of hazelnut is conveyed in the wooden part, being a contrast to other parts textures. It is the lamp’s accent.

The own interior can be created due to combinations of a few small-size lamps NUT S.

The middle-size lamp NUT С was meant by the designer for the dining area, fitting for the bars and restaurants.

Big size NUT B lamp will illuminate the whole dining table.

lacquered ash, aluminum tube, 2 m fabric cord, сeiling mount.

NUT S – H 415 mm * D 100 mm (weight 1200 gr)
NUT C – H 660 mm * D 200 mm (weight 2700 gr)
NUT B – H 243 mm * D 300 mm (weight 1900 gr)

Manufacturing period: 3 weeks

Manufactured MZPA
Made in Ukraine