VM desk is a smart casual product, which was designed to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. This product is a perfect combination of graceful appearance and strong materials. The main highlight of the VM desk is the bag-organizer that helps to fold all the working things in one place. Just imagine, everything is ready to hand, waiting in the leather organizer near the desk and at any time you can take a bag with all you need. The desk`s wood base creates a strong and timeless silhouette that fits beautifully into any home or office interior design. What is more, the VM desk has a disassembled form, so it can perfectly save your space, thus, the delivery price will be much lower.

Oiled solid ash wood, leather bag

L 1400 mm * W 700 mm * H 750 mm
L 1600 mm * W 800 mm * H 750 mm
L 1800 mm * W 900 mm * H 750 mm

Manufacturing period: 3 weeks

Manufactured MZPA
Made in Ukraine