RDWOOD ORGANiC collection by RYNTOVT DESIGN – integration of living organisms into a functional object. The ORGANiC collection concept is a dialogue with the outside world through the integration of living plants into a functional object, a combination of different materials, meanings and functions. The ORGANiC collection is the expression, dynamics and diversity of the natural wood texture which is enclosed in the strict geometrical forms of an the functional object. The natural texture of the solid wood, the fundamental nature of the form, the contrasting tactility of warm wood and cold metal, the atmosphere of nature’s spirit in the object – all these reveals an incredible palette for creating both an art object and an extremely functional furniture piece. Each item acquires not only individuality, but has its own character. As a result, due to versatile of its visual code, the furniture can be easily integrated into any environment.

Mdf, metal, oak
H 400 mm * W 740 mm * L 1900 mm