А form created as if by nature itself — wild, lively and unique. These are emotions of a breakthrough, rebellion, a new aesthetic need, which can be realized in three color variations — black, white, warm concrete texture. Facades decorated with asymmetric milling pattern (they are not identical on the right and left curbstones).

The game of contrasts of pure colors and “brutal” materials – imitation of stone, concrete, massive metal fittings gives a special emotional appeal to the object. Glacier fragment, coal rock or concrete fault: the material visually and tactile imitates the natural texture of a broken concrete or stone.
But with visual massiveness, the quality of the fittings and the well-thought-out functionality makes it absolutely comfortable to use.

The Break Free collection from the company KASSONE Individual Furniture is something in between collectible design items and accent utilitarian interior objects. Break Free collection is designed for those who have the courage to make their interior extraordinary.

Base colors of the collection: black, white, gray (texture of concrete).

Solid wood, a combination of plywood and MDF, reinforcement, veneer, flock, soft-touch painting
600 mm * 600 mm * 400 mm; weight 45 kg
Manufacturing period: 8 weeks