The tricky shape of this object gets people thinking for a moment. What kind of furniture is it? How to interact with it? How to sit and what is the right place for it in the interior?

Loop has an asymmetric shape and three fulcrums. It is an accent eye-catching object that is always a focal point of the space. Two round discs are turned perpendicular to each other. There is no seatback on the original meaning, but you can find your own way to sit on it. It calls you for interaction and experiments. It is the kind of game where you have endless variants to explore.

Loop can be used in private and public interiors. Groups of them look great in hotel lobbies, halls, or exhibition lounges.

Material: plywood frame, metal legs, foam rubber, textile upholstery.
Dimension: L 990 mm * W 500 mm * H 510 mm (seat 330 mm).
Designers: Dmitry Kozinenko.
Availability: if available in stock: 10 days (Europe). By ordering: 8 weeks.