– When I came to visit my parents who live in a village in Western Ukraine, I noticed how carefully my father puts wood next to the woodstove. Three sticks along, three sticks across repeated again and again. It makes a perfect stable construction. This simple rhythm looks aesthetic and cozy, – said designer Dmytro Kozinenko about his inspiration source.

Drova pouf is a basic and functional thing that remains traditional benches in public parks, match houses we built in childhood, and also pails of firewood in Carpathian hata.

Its shape is designed in such a way that it is convenient to move them by placing your hand in the slit between panels. Fits public and residential spaces.

There are small and medium poufs that can be creatively combined with each other.

Material: plywood frame, polyurethane foam, textile upholstery.
Dimension: 440 mm * 440 mm * H 405 mm Drova 4 | 680 mm * 680 mm * H 405 mm Drova 6
Designers: Dmitry Kozinenko.
Availability: if available in stock: 10 days (Europe). By ordering: 8 weeks.