Debut collection of Mapico studio, which includes an armchair, pouf and a collection of carpets and pillows made of natural sheep wool, wool of “happy sheep”, which graze freely in the ecologically clean mountainous region of Ukraine, the Carpathians.

Textiles for the collection, including furniture, are woven by hand using traditional technology on antique looms. At the end of the technological process, the woven product is washed in a clean mountain river. All wooden parts are handmade from ash and coated with oil to preserve the natural color and texture of the wood.

Thanks to the collaboration of designer Maria Pulyaeva with traditional artisans, a modern design and 100% ecological collection was created. This project allowed to preserve and give new life to traditional crafts.

Handmade, 100% ecological materials, without the use of synthetic dyes.

Material: sheep wool, hemp cloth, ash wood.
Dimension: 770 mm * 600 mm * 700 mm, (seat 600 * 600 mm, height 430 mm), weight 10 kg.
Designers: Mariia Puliaeva.
Variations: Ivory, black, ivory with black check.
Availability: if available in stock: 10 days (Europe). By ordering: 8 weeks.