Limited collection of black ceramics handmade Gusulia.Tini from designer Danuta Krill. Each item is made using a unique, almost lost, pottery technique that has survived in only one region of Western Ukraine (Gavarechchyna). Black “smoky” pottery is baked in a real wood-burning oven, as it was more than 100 years ago. Smoke seeps into the clay, oxidizing it and thus the surface is painted black. Today, only a few masters work in the “Gavarechchyna” technique, named for the region where it originated and has survived to the present day. The minimalist forms of the items in the collection imitate elements of ancient symbolism. However, each item requires great skill from the master to achieve laconic geometric shapes. Combining modern design and craft technology, the studio revives the disappearing technique of pottery and creates utilitarian decor items for modern interiors. Suitable for serving hot and cold dishes, and cooking casserole in the oven.

Material: Clay, smoked ceramics (Gavarechchina). Without additional painting of a surface.
Dimension: d 300 mm h 270 mm.
Designers: Danuta Kril.
Availability: if available in stock: 10 days by ordering: 6 weeks.