An open shelf is an ideal solution for organizing the storage of everyday things: it can be used in the interior to place decorative items, favorite books from the home library or work documents and accessories in the office. The minimalism of the design refers to the Japanese view on the organization of space, without overloading it visually and aesthetically. Also, the rack is perfect for zoning small rooms. The use of high-quality natural veneer provides the structure with maximum strength and durability. The inspiration for the DUOO collection was… a pair of Daishō samurai swords. The collection is subject to the basic principles of minimalism: no superfluous details – only those that perform a certain function or emphasize the authentic style of the line. For example, the ends of the writing and coffee tables are shaped like the tips of Japanese swords. “The whole collection is permeated with the idea of duality – a combination of two elements in one, a combination of the natural beauty of wood veneer and the strength of metal,” explains the designer.

3D model

Material: veneer ( lacque finish ), metal
Dimension: L 1400 mm * D 420 mm * H 1530 mm
Designers: Andriy Mohyla
Variations: Supports (powder painting, matte), decors: Black / White / Black grey / Umbra grey / Quartz grey)
Availability: by ordering: 35 working days