The ancient Japanese type of suminagashi painting, which is based on the artist’s ability to work with ink, magically combining clear lines with blurred ones in the paintings, inspired the designers from the DECORKUZNETSOV studio. This is how unique works of furniture art were born – SUMINAGASHI tables.

Thanks to the exclusive paint application technology from DONNA and the original idea of designers Kateryna and Valery Kuznetsovych, each table is always unique. The pattern is simply impossible to duplicate.

You can choose any color from the palette and the proportions of color mixing, and the atelier will create for you your unique SUMINAGASHI, which will fit perfectly into any interior.

3D model

Material: Wood, original coloring technology
Dimension: D 625 mm х H 380 mm
Designers: Ekaterina and Valerii Kuznetsovs. DECORKUZNETSOV studio
Variations: the customer can choose up to 5 colors
Availability: by ordering: 60 working days