The coffee table Mikser from the Ryokan collection is dedicated to the Japanese philosopher and poet of the Edo era – Ryokan. The ideas for this collection were ordinary household items, children’s toys, and contemplation of everyday life.

Miniature coffee tables Mikser combine practicality, simplicity, and clarity. These tables create an atmosphere of comfort and lightness, as well as leave a lot of space in the room. You can choose Mikser in a mono color or in a combination of bleached wood with matt varnish.

Material: Metal (table-top), ash-tree
Dimension: 300 mm * 470 mm, 380 mm * 570 mm (Mono) | 300 mm * 470 mm (Wood)
Designers: Natalya Bulanova
Availability: if available in stock: 10 days (Europe). By ordering: 7 weeks
Variations: Mono (white, black, terracotta), White with ash, Black with ash