The GORA chest of drawers from the new limited collection was presented in Paris in September 2022.

Designer Natalia Bulanova in collaboration with textile artist Iryna Balbek created a truly amazing Skovoroda collection, which is dedicated to the outstanding Ukrainian philosopher Hryhoriy Skovoroda. …The meditative repeat of the pattern of the textile facade, the tactility of the textures and colors of natural materials, the beauty of the texture of the ash wood, the pattern of which resembles the landscapes of plowed Ukrainian fields, the almost Japanese simplicity and elegance of the lines… This object is essential, like a part of nature.

“The sketches of the collection seem to have come to me from the mountains and meadows of Ukraine, they are simple and natural, like a neutral landscape. But, if you look closely, you will see in it whole microcosms of intertwined herbs, textures, shades, aromas, sensations… There is eternal life in fields, mountains, and earth. This collection was created during the war when all senses were acuted. It became for me a symbol of the will and victory of life in spite of everything…” – explains designer Nataliya Bulanova.

The relief textile facade of the chest of drawers is woven by hand according to an original pattern of cotton cord using the traditional weaving technique, which is studied and reinterpreted by the textile artist Iryna Balbek. All elements of the chest of drawers are made by hand.

Material: Ash wood (natural or dark), hand weaving, cotton, plywood.
Variations: It is possible to choose individually the color of the textile part.
Dimension: 1150 mm х 430 mm х 800 mm.
Designers: Natalia Bulanova & Ira Balbek.
Availability: If available in stock — 12 days; by ordering — 45 working days.