Bar cabinet Break Free from the company KASSONE Individual Furniture — a visual-emotional breakthrough into another dimension. The idea of the portal materialized in the piece of furniture that is able to reveal another reality to the owner of a bar cabinet, stimulate an emotional drive and decorate the interior with extraordinary sculptural shape. These are emotions of a breakthrough, rebellion, a new aesthetic need, which can be manufactured with three color variations.

The cabinet can be modified from a bar cabinet to a wardrobe. Asymmetrical elements of the facades resemble fragments of geological rocks or fragments of Martian landscapes, and holographic mirrors entice to “cross the border” of the emotional portal. The Break Free collection is between collectible design items and accent utilitarian interior products .

Base colors of the collection: black, white, gray (texture of concrete).

Solid wood, a combination of plywood and MDF, reinforcement, 4 types of glass = ultra-thin illumination, veneer, flock, mirrors, soft-touch painting
H 2100 mm * W 1200 mm * D 745 mm; weight 364 kg
Manufacturing period: 10 weeks