«We cut out meanings»: a new brand of exquisite accessories, inspired by the crafting technique of Ukrainian vytynanka, the traditional art of symmetrical patterns paper cutting.

The first drop of the art collars collection, «Leaves and Flowers», was developed by the VYTYNANKA brand in collaboration with the famous artist Daria Alyoshkina. She revived the ancient craft tradition of vytynankas and turned it into contemporary art. The artist first draws a sketch, folds the paper in half, then manually cuts out each element, and the piece becomes a unique paper lace.

The authorial drawing was transferred to digital format to create cutwork collars. It is also for the first time textiles were used instead of paper, and the French Richelieu lace technique. So decorative art from such delicate material as paper turns into an exquisite designer accessory. The concept best demonstrates the evolution of vytynanka art, its present-day aesthetics and the possibility of collaboration with design.

«Working every day with vytynanka, I am always amazed by its versatility and universality in various forms, as I see it in metal, wood, ceramics. But most of all, I wanted to see it in textiles so that this beauty can be worn daily,» says Daria Alyoshkina.

VYTYNANKA accessories are created for those who are looking for something unique.

Material: Natural linen fabric, Richelieu embroidery, hand cutting.
Dimension: One size.