Sergey Makhno

Sergey Makhno

We art the world

Architect, decorator and designer, Sergey Makhno has become a key personality in the field of Ukrainian design over the past ten years. A true collaborator, he works with more than forty people in his Sergey Makhno Architects studio and his various workshops. Creativity, quality and the never-ending search for the balance between art and design are a cornerstone of his work and the key components of his leadership.

Relentless and generous, inspired and always on the move, he is continually working on multiple projects at a time. Today, his work is highly acclaimed around the globe.

His sources of inspiration are numerous, some of them vast like nature and the environment. Others come from cultural and artisanal traditions not only from the Ukraine. Sergey feels a strong connection between his work and the wabi-sabi Japanese philosophy, which is based around the idea of finding perfection in imperfection. That is another cornerstone of his work.

Creatively fueled by the beauty that surrounds him, he collects shapes and colors to “create organized chaos, piece by piece like a puzzle, resulting in a wider and more beautiful world”.

Coloring outside the lines, often with a touch of cheekiness, Sergey produces designs that are always surprising and moving. To date, sixty-seven of them have been awarded international prizes.

designed by Sergey Makhno