Dan Vakhrameyev & Kateryna Vakhrameyeva

Dan Vakhameyev & Kateryna-Fedorenko

Dan Vakhrameyev & Kateryna Vakhrameyeva

Sustainable origins

Dan Vakhrameyev and Kateryna Vakhrameyeva, founders of Fild studio, design and produce high-quality lighting and small furniture made of wood and lacquered steel.

Created in Kyiv in 2013, Fild started with only interior architecture and graphic design projects. One year later their first decorative object collection was brought to life.

Dan received his Master’s degree at Kiev’s Art-Design International University of Salvador Dali and has worked in branding, graphic design and advertising. At Fild he is responsible for the prototyping and fabrication process.

With twelve years experience in the Fashion industry, Kateryna Vakhrameyeva founded the brand L’Uve. At Fild, she now uses her expertise in every step of the creation process, with a focus on marketing and management.

Together, their style is defined by minimalistic, graphic and stripped down qualities, taking shape through their two favorite materials, wood and metal. Each year, a new collection is created with special attention dedicated to the color choices.

The couple is in charge of every aspect of the production cycle, from the creation to the manufacturing, brilliantly managing the development of their company.

designed by Dan Vakhrameyev & Kateryna Vakhrameyeva