GORN Ceramics was founded in 2018 in Kyiv by ceramist artist Yuriy Myrko and art director Bogdan Kryvosheya. Through ceramics, GORN endeavors to convey a sense of essence and spontaneous perfection.

The “Temples” is a series of large-scale hand-made ceramic sculptures. The exterior of each sculpture leaves millions of the creators’ fingerprints, as a documentation of his unique “dance” with the surface.

Sculptures reflect an artistic thought of a humans’ place in the world, about the relationships and connections between everything. “Isn’t it time to shift our focus from man as the centre of the world, to the planet as a whole, in which humans are only part of the large ecosystem?”. As artists questioned and began searching for a metalanguage to communicate the message to the viewer in its original form.

Grog (clay)
H 1120 mm * D 340 mm, weight: 12 kg
Unique piece

Delivery cost is specified individually