An artistic rug is made by hand from natural wool in a traditional Ukrainian weaving technology.

A skillfully executed unique is created by the original design of a famous Ukrainian artist Kristina Gaidamaka, who successfully works as a textile designer for decorating interiors. Her recognizable style masterly combines modern trends with ancient symbolism and motifs of Ukrainian folklore.

Each of her work is a vivid interior accent and a modern functional and practical thing in which art blends with design.

Thanks to the deep meaning of used ancient symbols, these things become amulets. The thorough detailing of shades and the skill of manufacturing transform the rug into an art object.

The Tree of Life depicted on the carpet symbolizes the World Structure, the connection of a person with the forces of nature and the Universe.

The rug is a part of the “Osonnya” collection.

Osonnya is an ancient Ukrainian word that symbolizes a place lit by the sun and warmed up with love.