Христина Гайдамака

Христина Гайдамака

When design meets art, ordinary turns into extraordinary

This is the phrase that describes Art & Design by Kristina Gaidamaka brand founded in 2016 by the famous Ukrainian artist and designer Kristina Gaidamaka in the best way. Kristina Gaidamaka is an artist by profession and by calling. She descends from a dynasty of prominent Ukrainian monumental artists. Many years of experience in the field of fine arts, constant participation in national and international exhibitions and the creation of personal art projects formed a recognizable style of the author, which is also reflected in interior and textile design. The artist founded her own brand of art design and decor in 2016.

Each artwork by Kristina – whether it is painting, graphics, sketches for decorative textile – inspires everyday things and rooms, giving them vivid emotional experience. Every item invites to the game, provokes to understand symbols and unravel codes.

Having a huge artistic background and continuing the dynasty of famous Ukrainian artists, Kristina Gaidamaka is currently working as a textile designer for interior decoration. Her recognizable style successfully combines modern interior trends with ancient symbolism and motifs of Ukrainian ethnic romanticism. The brand line presents a collection of handmade woolen rugs and exquisite decorative objects for the interior, created on the basis of sketches, artwork and graphics by the artist.

Each item is a new vision of the world where forgotten becomes important. With her talent Kristina manifests ancient beauty for us, turning it into a new, contemporary aesthetics. Thus, utilitarian and functional things acquire the value of art objects. This happens when art meets design…

designed by Kristina Gaidamaka