ISLANDS is a new collection of artistic handmade wool rugs, in sync with the current Urban Etno trend. Soft rug ISLAND is an oasis of relaxation among the stone jungles of cities…

Each rug is created by the original design of the famous Ukrainian artist Kristina Gaidamaka, who successfully works as a designer for textiles.

Colors, lines, and images seem to radiate the eternal energy of earth, water, sky, sun… Thanks to the manual tufting technique, expressive drawings have gained volume, while natural wool has even more softness and fluffiness, and the addition of viscose in some elements of the drawing makes the rug even more voluminous and expressive.

The artist transforms traditional Ukrainian symbols, images of flowers and birds into a modern image, decomposing the image into digital pixels. The emotional “impressionist” color palette enhances the sense of comfort. The round shape of the carpet is reminiscent of a family hearth or lawn for relaxation and communication. Such an art-carpet invites to inhabit this “inner island” only with the closest people and the warmest emotions.

Wool (85%), viscose (15%)
D 2200 mm
Manufacturing period: 4-6 weeks

Certified English wool is used in the manufacturing of the product.

Rugs can be ordered by request with diameter more than 2200 mm and in any colour palette.