Dan Vakhrameyev and Kateryna Vakhrameyeva created their own factory — Fild, which designs and produces high-quality lighting and small furniture made of wood and lacquered steel. Their CORNER collection echoes today’s trend of minimalist lights and pushes it further. A rectangular metal sheet with round corners is folded down the middle, forming two squares that accommodate the lightbulb in between. The lamp stands on a table like an open book. As always with Fild, formal simplicity is not mutually exclusive from an acute attention to technical details. It is an unassuming lamp that is even more beautiful because of its pure functionality. CORNER was designed in 2018 and comes in numerous colors, thoughtfully chosen from the RAL palette. In a neutral shade it is discreet, while a bright color will brighten up any sleepy interior.

Coated steel
L 148 W 190 H 190 mm
Collet E27, bulb provided