The Neutrum brand is a universe of household items, which its creators decided to draw from scratch. “Our sheet in a cell, 5×5 centimeters. All our items are created within this modular grid. In this universe there are completely different objects: it can be a table, a house, a cup, a bottle of wine, a vehicle. But we begin to create it from seven simple things. We use them every day and think we know everything about them. Desktop. A chair to sit behind him. Shelf to store books. Chest of drawers to store ready-made drawings. Bench and coffee table to sit down and relax. Large table for meetings and ping pong at the end of the working day. Color and materials do not matter. You can choose any” – explains designer Volodymyr Veshtak.

Polymer coated steel, textile, plywood, foam
H 750 mm * W 550 mm * D 550 mm
weight: 8 kg

Open this link on a mobile device to see the object in Augmented Reality